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Nu-Relics 1973-1991 Blazer/Jimmy Tailgate #17383-1 (Regulator/Motor)

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1973-1991 Blazer/Jimmy Tailgate
Kit includes: 1 tailgate regulator, 1 new ACI motor.
This all new tailgate regulator will replace your existing manual regulator or your factory power regulator. The new regulator will eliminate the problems associated with the old cable driven motor. The new tailgate power window regulator is completely gear driven.

Note: Our ACI motors are reverse polarity motors and require reverse polarity switches.

  • MODEL SPECIFIC - bolt into original mounting holes
    Uses Stock Channels
    Works with the curved glass of the 1960's and 1970's
    New ACI Motors
    Regulators are made on 1018 cold roll steel
    Bronze Oilite ® thrust bearings at pivots (Made in USA) to keep them lubricated
    4130 Heat Treated gear plates for longer tooth life and better wear
    Multiple power window switch options.
    Lifetime warranty (Warranty requires copy of sales receipt or invoice.)


  • New ACI Motor AMP Draws
    No Load amps Low Load amps High Load amps Stall amps
    3 5 11 20
    ACI Motors are Reverse Polarity
    This means that the ground for the system must come out of the master switch. There are 2 poles on the motor - to make it operate,
    you must put power to one side then ground to the other side - NOT to the motor case. This will result in the motor turning in one direction.
    By swapping the wires from side to side, the direction will change.

    Fuses or Circuit Breakers - 30 AMP
    Most of our harnesses will come with an in-line 30 AMP fuse. If you prefer, a circuit breaker will work too.
    You can hook your windows up to a varity of different power sources.
    Some options are: Straight to the battery (Windows should not have any battery draw when not in use).
     Find extra slot in fuse panel - tie in using the supplied fuse.
     Pull power from the key-on side of the switch

    In most cases, you will not need to use a relay to boost amperage to the motors. The switches and wiring we use can handle the amp draws.

    If you are using old style 3 pole switches, a special relay is needed to reverse the polarity at the motor. These do not increase amperage,
    they just swap the ground from side to side. we have these available (prewired). Call us at 336-699-8949 for assistance.